Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the used office furniture market?

The market consists of four main groups: end-users, brokers, dealers and remanufacturers (or refurbishers)

2.  What is "Systems Furniture"

Systems Furniture is the term used to describe the modular office furniture first developed by Herman Miller in the 1960's, and quickly adopted by all the major manufacturers. Systems Furniture consists of separate components that are put together to form "cubicles" or "stations":

3.  What about used Chairs, Files and Desks?

Chairs (a.k.a. "seating") Files ("casegoods") and desks ("set-in-place furniture") are mostly traded by professionals who can buy big quantities and sell them out of inventory. Outside of some well known styles and brands (Steelcase 3200 desks, Herman Miller Ergon chairs, etc.) there is not much liquidity in the market.  

If you are a buyer, you might be able to find what you want but it won't happen overnight. If you have good stuff to sell, it can move quickly.

4.  What do I need to know to deal in this market?

The wholesale used furniture market can be volitile for facilities managers and office furniture professionals who are not well versed, if this your first time to but or sell furniture let T.O.S. guide you in the product and services you will need. Whether You should be involved depends on whether you are a buyer or a seller:


Selling into the used market is relatively simple and you only need three things:


To buy in the used market you really need to know what you are doing!  
particularly if you're trying to furnish a whole office with systems furniture.  
The following list outlines the basic requirements for a used furniture buyer:

The key thing to remember is that you are buying used furniture! You may get an incredible deal - but you will not be able to design it out of the manufacturer's catalog with every option available.

If you don't know anyone in your area, E-mail us, Call, or send a FAX and we might be able to recommend a qualified dealer or refurber.

Voice: (866) 783-3522.

5.  Logistics

Systems furniture built by the leading manufacturers is incredibly durable. This is particularly true for the top lines such as Steelcase 9000, Haworth Unigroup and Herman Miller AO.  If the product is handled properly it can be put up and taken down many times without damage.   Nevertheless, it can be damaged if mishandled.  A successful deal requires that the furniture be torn down, packed and re-installed by experienced professionals.

6.  So what does The Office Station do?

7.  Terminology

The Office Station uses a few terms and formats that you need to understand:

8.  OK, I'm ready to Go!  What do I do next?

9.  OK, What does it cost and what are the terms?

It's FREE to list, commission is based on sell price.

10. Who Are We?

The Office Station is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan - home of Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller, Trendway, Meridian, American Seating and many other smaller office furniture manufacturers.

The was founded in 1996 by a team of office furniture professionals who have over 55 years of combined experience in office furniture and wholesale brokerage systems.   In 1997, O.S. Enterprises Inc, a Michigan corporation, purchased TOS and structured it for the " Internet Revolution". It was the focus of OS to increase real-time service levels, overall responsiveness and position TOS to increase traffic and awareness.

If you're tired of Cyberspace and would like to talk to us in person, the number is (866) 783-3522.

If you're still confused, send us an E-Mail and we'll try to answer your questions.  If you want to check out the current listings, click one of the buttons below:  

If you would like more information please e-mail The Office Station   or CALL us at (866) 783-3522.

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