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(55) Steelcase Enhanced workstations. The stations are 6' x 8' and are in excellent condition. Product is 65" high all over for the maximum sound privacy. Stations have box/box/file and file/file pedestal as well as at least a couple of overhead storage units. Work surfaces are laminate in an "L" shape configuration with matching trim and componets as everything is beige. A SOLID STATION THAT STANDS THE TEST OF TIME.


$ 599.00

Mid West

East Coast



(250+) Steelcase Montage workstations. The stations are 8' x 8' and 6' x 8' in dimension and consist of hi/low panel configuration with GLASS on the wing panels. Stations have (1) box/box/file pedestal and (1) 30" lateral storage unit and (1) 48" overhead storage. Work surfaces are REAL VENEER WOOD with matching top cap trim, gorgeous. Fabric color is Y180 with 3712 wood trim and components. The veneer is a medium cherry. Exception product as a SUPER PRICE.

$ 849.00

East Coast



(165+) Steelcase Answer workstations. The stations are 6' x 8' in dimension and consist of hi/low panel configuration for an open atmosphere. Stations have (1) box/box/file pedestal and (1) large storage unit with filing. Work surfaces are 6' x 6' in dimension. Fabric color is Wilshire Lark with gray trim and components. The laminate is 3712 medium wood grain with rounded edge band. REAL WOOD is an exception and these are in great shape.

$ 849.00

East Coast

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